Retired CIA Agent: We Run the Afghan Opium Trade

Cheyenne, WY|A retired CIA agent just recently founded guilty of ownership of kid porn implicates the United States federal government of aiming to frame him as he is about to release a book that will blow the lid off the CIAs drug smuggling operations in Afghanistan exposes the Cheyenne Herald today.

John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, that has likewise served his country as a CIA analyst, has actually just recently been founded guilty of possession of child pornography, accusations he asserts have been made up by the US government to stop the publication of his upcoming book, the CIA in Afghanistan: 30 years of drug smuggling.

This is a desperate effort by the US government to shut me up he said in court. If Im going to deal with prison time, I desire the fact to be understood before they attempt to eliminate me in prison he told the judge. Im not terrified of their threats, whatever occurs, I will never ever shut up he wept out in the courtroom.


< p class=”wp-caption-text”> The former Army intelligence officer, Afghan war veteran, and recipient of the Combat Action Badge, Purple Heart, and the Armed force Exceptional Volunteer Service Medal, has been sentenced the other day to 9 months in jail followed by 3 years of probation

Throughout the court session, the retired CIA operative declined to address all questions worrying the kid porn belongings charges and kept discussing alleged CIA drug smuggling related occasions in Afghanistan.

Im embarrassed to say that I have actually taken part in these drug smuggling operations on many events. For a long period of time, I aimed to convince myself that we were doing it for the ideal cause, but this burden is ruining me inside and I simply cant stand it anymore he confessed prior to the court audience.

The CIA has been dealing drugs considering that its development. Theyve been smuggling drugs all over on the planet for the past 60 years, in Taiwan in 1949 to support General Chiang Kai-shek versus the Chinese commies, in Vietnam, in Nicaragua, and thats just the tip of the iceberg he released out during the court trial. We assisted the Mujahideen cultivate poppy growing to combat the Soviets, however we took back matters in our own hands in 2001 when we invaded Afghanistan under Bush he pleaded.

9/11: A pretext to get into Afghanistan

The Cheyenne Herald likewise reports that the males website, that was closed down by relative hours after the conviction, declared that the 9/11 terrorist attacks where in reality staged by his own government and a pretext to invade Afghanistan.

He also thought that the Islamic State is currently funded by the CIAs alleged heroin smuggling operations with the purpose of destabilizing governments of the Middle East and falling non-US allied country leaders, such as Bachar Al-Assad in Syria to secure useful oil offers for the US and allied countries.

In 2010, Abbotsford, 33, was detected with trauma, and a year later on he got a medical discharge.

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