Off-Duty MP Pretends to Surrender to Hostage Taker at Gas Station Then Delivers a Deadly Surprise


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Stunning surveillance video from a gas station shows why brains are often more important than brawn in a standoff with a firearm.

Taken in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a robber surprises three men at gunpoint, taking hostages before intending to rob them and then stations vault.

One of the men, an off-duty military policeman, pretends to surrender to the gunman, causing him to let down his guard, and giving the MP a split-second chance to end the confrontation which he does in very dramatic fashion…


On Reddit, many readers attacked the officer for firing in such close proximity to the other man, putting his life in danger. Easy to say from a computer keyboard. But being in the center of the action is something else entirely.

What do you think of the MPs action?