MOVE! Moments After Firing Smith & Wesson for 1st Time, THIS Had Him Running in a Panic


by Jesse Wexler | Top Right News

In a wild video posted online, a man fires a .500 Smith & Wesson firearm for the first time.

Seconds later he is forced to run in pure panic when he realized what the bullet had struck dead-center.

WATCH: (Slight language warning for work):

After the man pulls the trigger, firing a round at a target pinned right on a tree trunk, the video shows the tree fall down towards him.

Watch out! Move! Move! another man shouted. Oh sh**!

The bullet had split the trees trunk, resulting in it collapsing to the ground. No word if Al Gore is going to seek criminal charges.

Gotta love that Smith & Wesson.

[h/t Oliver Darcy]