Bombshell: Member of Oklahoma Beheaders Mosque Blows the Lid Off Its Radical Teachings

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Workplace violence. That is the manta of the Leftist media, the Obama Administration, and the FBI with regard to Oklahoma jihadist beheader Alton Nolen.

To believe that, one must willfully ignore hundreds of posts from Nolen on his Facebook page extolling Islamic terrorism, beheadings, the right to harm women who dont wear hijabs; as well as witnesses who said he tried to convert co-workers to Islam, and shouted prayers to Allah while stabbing and beheading Colleen Hufford.

This was a jihadist act, an act of terror. And where did Nolen learn the vile beliefs he posted on Facebook? We may know a lot more about that after a stunning interview last night.

An attendee of the same Oklahoma mosque that Nolen attended appeared on Fox News The Kelly File last night to discuss what was taught inside that peaceful place of worship.

Calling himself only Noor, and blacked out for his safety, the man explained to host Megyn Kelly that after two years of worshiping in the mosque, he became convinced that Islam actually promotes radical jihad violence against the infidel.


His description of the teachings give new insight into how Nolen became so radicalized that he beheaded Mrs. Hufford on September 25.

Noor explained that the mosque wouldnt ever tell the public that they support radical Islam, however, behind closed doors they were told that the suicide bombings in Israel, along with other radical acts, were fully supported.

He also said they were taught that even if Osama bin Laden himself were to appear at their door, they should welcome him in because hes a fellow Muslim and they must protect other believers from those who dont practice Islam.

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