Armed Robbers Force a Man and Woman Into Their Home Then Get an Unwelcome Surprise Inside


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Surveillance camera footage caught an attempted robbery or perhaps home invasion at this residence, that for the perps went horribly and comically wrong in a hurry.

The video starts when the thieves pull up and herd a middle-aged man and young woman inside their house where they planned to do well, nothing good.

Before you could even wonder what would happen next, it happens in a hilarious and unexpected fashion.


Hauling ass so fast they looked like the Three Stooges or Benny Hill in action, these three creeps in South Africa did not even stop to enter their getaway car, as an overweight man in nothing but his underwear gets off at least one shot in their direction.

Now lets see who can come up with the best caption or one-liner for this bizarre vid below…