3-Meter Tall Squirrel Killed by Army After Bloody Rampage

Melbourne|Among the biggest specimens ever seen of the uncommon Australian squirrel, wrecked the streets of Melbourne for two hours, spreading blood and death throughout the city, prior to the army special forces were able to kill the infuriated beast.

More than 17 people lay dead and 109 others have actually been hospitalised as the city lies totally ravaged: fallen electrical and utility pole, flames and smoke coming out of buildings and cars, massive water geysers coming out of damaged water pipe … the scene is certainly post-apocalyptic.

The monster viciously pushed back all attempts by the Melbourne police to neutralize it, and even accomplished to eliminate 6 cops before the military reinforcements might achieve to tactically surround and eliminate it.

The citys mayor, Robert Doyle, stated that this is among the darkest days in the history of the city and probably of the country and required radical measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.